H010 Fiex Slingback Heels - black

** Sold Out **
Fiex Slingback Heels H010 - black
PU leather

Height: 5inch
Platform: 1.5inch
size35 - 23.0cm   (vincci4)
size36 - 23.5cm   (vincci5)
size37 - 24.0cm   (vincci6)
size38 - 24.5cm   (vincci7)
size39 - 25.0cm   (vincci8)
* small cutting, advisable to take 1 size up

Extra Info:
+ Elastic slingback for easy slip on
+ Padded Insole
+ Non Pig Skin Lining Assured

RM75 RM55


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marish sha said...

hi , is this still available and in promotion mood ?
Today is last day right ?
Contact me today , and I will transfer it today also and u can post it on tomorrow .